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Bid for project
Images/Icon Project type Company Project Title Closing Date #
Construction services and equipment Aga Khan Foundation Invitation to Bid (Asphalt Concrete Pavement, Bamyan Provincial Hospital, Bamyan, Afghanistan) 2017/03/10
GENERAL IDLO Facility Management Supplies 2017/03/16
GENERAL Chemonics RADP-S Project Procurement of Seeds, Saplings, Cuttings, and Peat moss 2017/03/23
Construction and renovation service MRRD اعمار 30 متر پل آهن کانکریتی گادری مهر خانه گردم کوه بیرون ولسوالی مرکز بهسود ولایت میدان وردک 2017/03/18
GENERAL MOD قرارداد47 قلم سامان الات ورکشاپهای مرکزی مربوط ریاست انجنیری ستردرستیز سال مالی 1396 2017/03/15
Construction and renovation service KM Construction of (Lot-7 Roads): • Road No: 12 - From Charahi Parwan-3 - Charahi Tanzif; • Road No: 11 2017/04/12
Information technology service MOE Procurement and supply of Email Hosting for Ministry of Education requirement of IT Directorate. 2017/03/19
Construction services and equipment MRRD Construction of Lot 8 Roads: • Road # 9: Charrahi Qala-e- Najarha – Charrahi Taimani. • Road # 8B Sa 2017/04/11
Construction services and equipment NPA اعمار تعمیرتدریسی پوهنتون پروان 2017/03/18
Construction and renovation service MOF اعمار تعمیر مسجد شریف و ورکشاف وزارت مالیه 2017/03/12

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